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Neiron Arrod Ball was born on August 20, 1992 and he passed away on September 10, 2019. He was a student in the
Butts County School system where his favorite teacher was Mrs. Claire Zant. Mrs. Zant was pivotal in helping Neiron
and his family during the difficult time when he lost both parents by the age of 9 years old. A team of loving relatives
worked together to raise him and ensure his success. Neiron was an honor student and member of the BETA Club throughout his educational career. Neiron was a three-sport athlete at Jackson High School where he ran track, played basketball, and excelled at football. Neiron graduated from Jackson High School in 2010. He received a full athletic scholarship to the University of Florida (UF) and graduated early from Jackson High School as he enrolled at UF on January 2010. He attended the University of Florida where he was a linebacker on the football team from 2010-2015. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from UF. Neiron entered the 2015 National Football League Draft. He was drafted in the 5 th Round (#161) by the Oakland Raiders. Neiron played for the Oakland Raiders from 2015-2017. Despite these athletic accolades, his greatest accomplishment was his character and courage as he wore a smile on his face and was a caring individual. He was honored with two prestigious awards during his college career at UF: Chris Patrick Courage Award & Forest K. Ferguson Award.

The Chris Patrick Courage Award is given to the player who, after injury, demonstrates outstanding commitment and
dedication in the athletic training room in an effort return to activity with the team. Neiron Ball is synonymous with the
word courage. He suffered from AVM in 2012 and was sidelined with this injury for one season. During his time with
the Gators, he was able to get back on the field and be a productive linebacker for the Gators. Ball was the recipient of
the Christ Patrick Courage Award in 2013.

The Forest K. Ferguson Award is presented annually in memory of one of the University of Florida’s greatest athletes.
The award is given in the form of a trophy, which remains in permanent possession of the school. The recipient is the
Gators’ senior football player who displays outstanding leadership, character, and courage and is selected by the
Florida Gators coaching staff; Neiron was the recipient of this award in 2014.

Neiron made his transition to be with the Lord on September 10, 2019 as a result of suffering a brain aneurysm on
September 16, 2018. Neiron fought hard to overcome the obstacles of the illness while he was hospitalized. His sister,
Dr. Natalie Myricks, fought for good healthcare and his safety while Neiron was hospitalized. She established this
scholarship in honor of her baby brother to be a beacon of hope for student athletes who struggle against all odds in
their life. Despite all obstacles, Neiron smiled in the face of God. It is our hope that the recipient(s) of this scholarship
will help continue Neiron’s legacy by working hard and defying the odds. Hard work pays off, even when it doesn’t pay
off the way you want it to; Neiron never lost a game, he just ran out of time.

The Neiron Ball Legacy Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating Jackson High School student athlete who
encompassing both the qualities of both awards that Neiron received at the University of Florida. The recipient(s) of
this award will be announced at the Jackson High School graduation by a member of the NB Scholarship committee.

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